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… Solidarity with women in need

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Source: SWR

Source: SWR


The aim of the interdisciplinary conference was to exchange experiences and create sustainable networks between local authorities, NGOs and law enforcement agencies to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation in the Danube region.

Conference – Ways out of human trafficking
and sexual exploitation in the Danube region 21 October

Photos Stefan Baumgarth

They want to escape poverty and are forced into prostitution by human traffickers. Romanian women who dream of a better life in Germany are repeatedly victims of criminal traffickers. One of the locations for the film was our SOLWODI/Ostalb Alliance advice center.

Sex out of poverty - forced prostitution in Europe

We clarify


About the reality of prostitution


About possibilities and measures to exit prostitution


About prevention and background information with public relations and networking work supported by numerous actions and campaigns


We demand


Violence against women and children in ANY form should be outlawed, prosecuted with the utmost severity and stigmatized.


The amendment of the current Prostitute Protection Act.


Criminalization of sex purchase

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